Client By The Flamingos
Services Product Development Consultant 
An Ode to Brooklyn
The view from Sunset Park is unparalleled; we see the Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty and iconic Brooklyn Bridge from our favorite micro green space. Adding to the unique quality of this special panorama are the water towers that dot the BK vista. This planter is our homage to the original wooden barrel design, printed in reflective jewel tones. 
• Water Tower: Translucent Red Biopolyester  (sustainable) 
• Stand: Hemp Fiber and Herd, Biopolyester (sustainable
Water Tower
• 2.25" Dia. x 3"
• 1" Dia. Entry Hole (Top)
• 2" Dia. Hole (Top)
• 2.5" Dia. x 1"
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