Research | Design Strategy
At the core of any great design solution is an understanding of cultural trends, the marketplace, technology, and consumer driven insights. I'll work with you to understand your customer, surface real needs and frame opportunities. This is what makes products resonate.
Industrial Design | User Experience Design (UI/UX) | Packaging Design
I believe in a human-centered design process. I pride myself in not just delivering beautiful end results, but crafting the right story for your product, business and customer.
Prototyping | 3D Printing
I am part of the product development process from day one. I'll focus on inventive technology development to inform concepts, and bring products to life.
Manufacturing Liaison | Sourcing / Production Support
I have a proven track record of bringing successful products to market. I can help you create a roadmap for development, working with you to source, pilot and manufacture your product experiences.
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