Geo Salas is a Creative Product Developer who incorporates emerging technologies with tangible human experiences. His professional background includes ten years as a Creative Producer for film & tv productions working with such networks as HBO, MundoFox and The Cooking Channel. Geo’s 3D journey began in 2014 after completing his studies and obtaining certificates in Digital Fabrication, Modeling for Fabrication and 3D Printing Additive Processes through CUNY. He has since designed and created products + sculptural works that incorporate the use of bioavailable materials that are ethically produced and sustainable for the environment. 
In 2015 Geo Co-founded By The Flamingos and continues to remain active in the company as the Creative Product Developer. He has enhanced his work experiences with creative design roles at MakerBot, Coach and Kikkerland
Geo was born in Ecuador, raised in the Bronx and currently resides in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. A recipient of the BRIO Award (The Bronx Recognizes Its Own) early in his career, Geo has remained committed to supporting his community by teaching innovation workshops, donating materials and offering access to networking opportunities to those interested in design technology. 
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