Lovers of anatomy and whimsy are united with this limited edition ornament. Hot red for passion, electric yellow for attention, our Royal Heart makes its presence known. Handle this muscle (or organ or both!) with care. Points on the crown will break and treated as less than majestic. 
Hey there, Kit here (Creative Director) - All of our pieces are inspired by things, instances etc that have influenced our lives. Last year my dad had ❤️ surgery. I have learned so much since then about the powerful and amazing organ/muscle/badass machine that is our heart, I wanted to honor that knowledge with this limited Royal design.
• Heart: Translucent Red Biopolyester  (sustainable) 
• Crown: Translucent Yellow Biopolyester (sustainable) 
• String: Cotton (sustainable) 
Product 3.5" x 2" (2" Long String)
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