If you’ve taken Kit's classes in person, during normal times of course, you know that she is BIG FAN of Myofascial Self Release and one of her favorite tools to use is the Pinky Ball. However, the infamous Pinky Ball has it’s limits - like not staying in place and applying only one level of pressure when sometimes knots need a variety in pressure.
With that in mind, I designed this tool to act like the Swiss Army Knife of MFR. Compact, lightweight, easy to clean and in a shape that can slide itself into that sweet spot (I’m talking between the spine and scapula) the Dojo Tool is a great, reasonably priced addition to your home studio.
Some Specifics:
The Dojo Tool is a collaboration with By The Flamingos. It is 3D printed using eco-friendly TPU Flexible Filament and made to order i.e we’re not pulling from a stock pile, we are individually printing the products safely and sustainably.
Hand wash with soap and water, may also be sprayed and wiped down with general cleaner.
Client Pilates Dojo
Services Product Developer 
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