Client Kikkerland Design Inc. x Huckleberry
Services Product Developer 
Huckleberry Morse Code Light Durable metal casing with adjustable hanging hook. Hook flips over to use as a stand. 
Product Materials: ABS, iron
​​​​​​​Packaging: kraft card
Huckleberry Kaleidoscope Add nature finds for a one of a kind kaleidoscopic.
Product Materials: kraft paper, paper, PET, PP
​​​​​​​Packaging: kraft card
Huckleberry Horseshoes Toss the horseshoes on the post. Most points wins!
Product Materials: cast iron, leather
​​​​​​​Packaging: kraft card
Huckleberry Bell Darts: Throw the magnetic darts to make the bell ring!
Product Materials: steel, magnet, MDF, nylon, aluminum
​​​​​​​Packaging: kraft card
Huckleberry Red Kite Enjoy those windy days with your very own DIY reusable kite! 30 mtr string.
Product Materials: ripstop, bamboo
​​​​​​​Packaging: kraft card
Huckleberry Marbles 2 player marbles game with 24pc and cotton carrying pouch included.
Product Materials: glass
​​​​​​​Packaging: kraft card
Huckleberry Chalk Markers Draw in nature. Washes away in the rain. Set of 3.
Product Materials: PP, chalk ink
​​​​​​​Packaging: kraft box
Make Your Own Motor Boat Build your own boat out of a small plank of wood or thick paper. Waterproof and AAA batteries included.
Product Materials: ABS, silicone
​​​​​​​Packaging: kraft card
First Pocket Knife This pocket knife is packed with everything you need for the outdoors. Includes saw, knife, scissors, and awl.
Product Materials: beechwood, stainless steel
​​​​​​​Packaging: kraft card
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